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QA Services and Software Testing

Ensure a seamless user experience by enhancing the performance and reliability of your software products.


Benefit from our experience acquired through extensive involvement in 24/7 projects dealing with high peak loads. Our team of QA experts possesses the knowledge and skills to guarantee the quality of your software products by pinpointing areas for enhancement and implementing industry best practices.

Ensure every aspect of your software is rigorously evaluated for quality and functionality.

Manual Testing

Streamline testing processes while saving time and ensuring consistent, reliable results.

Automation Testing

Validate seamless communication between different software components.

API Testing

Ensure it performs optimally, delivering an exceptional UX across various platforms.

Web App Testing

Assess your app’s performance, functionality, and reliability on desktop environments.

Desktop App Testing

Assess how your software behaves under various conditions and workloads.

Performance Testing

Safeguard your software from potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Security Testing

Optimize Your Software Quality Through Expert QA and Best Practices Implementation

QA and Software Testing Services We Offer


The meticulous QA efforts resulted in a seamless migration, preserving existing functionality, introducing new features, ensuring robust performance, and achieving a successful phased transition — all without service disruptions. This case study illustrates the vital role QA plays in mission-critical system migrations.

Test automation

Regression testing

Functional testing

Rigorous load/performance testing


Our QA team ensured zero downtime during the migration, expanded the platform's functionality, and facilitated a smooth, phased transition.


40,000 man/hours (32,000 — for the development stage; 8,000 — for the testing stage)

Preserving existing functionality

Validating new features

Performing load and stress testing

Supporting phased migration procedures


The QA team encountered challenges related to:


Our client, a telecommunications company, embarked on a complex migration from hardware to software for their Cloud Unified PBX platform.

QA team

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How byVoice ensured seamless migration from hardware to software

Detailed data analysis

Extensive regression testing to ensure application functionality

Performance testing



50,000 man/hours (40,000 — for the development stage; 10,000 — for the testing stage)


The project resulted in a successful migration from Oracle to Postgres, addressing scalability concerns and significantly reducing licensing costs. The customer now enjoys improved database performance and reliability, with zero data loss during the migration. This case study showcases our QA team's expertise in mission-critical data migrations.

Preserving data integrity

Performing load and stress testing

Supporting phased migration procedures


Our QA team's primary challenge was ensuring a seamless migration of the client's critical data and applications from Oracle to the open-source Postgres database. This involved:


Due to growing scalability issues and high licensing costs, the customer wanted to explore open-source alternatives. The migration from Oracle to Postgres impacted all subsystems, including Billing, PBX, and Personal Account.

QA team's expertise

How byVoice helped the customer migrate from Oracle to Postgres


Activities designed to ensure the software corresponds to a specification

The process of exploring a system to find defects


Quality control and meeting the requirements

System inspection and bugs finding




Activity Type




To improve the processes and inputs involved in software development and evaluate the final output

To validate the product against specifications to find and fix defects


The whole team

Testing team



Software Testing vs. QA Services: What Fits Your Business Needs?

We have prepared a concise comparative table to help you better understand how the byVoice team can assist you.

We use it:

To automate API testing

To test the functionality of RESTful APIs

To validate data input and output

To ensure APIs adhere to their specifications


A popular API testing tool to test RESTful APIs.

We Offer the Most Effective Testing Tools

To ensure the high quality of your software, our team works with industry-standard tools in quality assurance and software testing, enabling us to look under the hood of any business communication system and provide you with best practices in this area.

By outsourcing your QA needs, your company gains access to our dedicated team of testing experts. This approach ensures cost-efficiency and access to the latest testing technologies.

QA Outsourcing

Software QA consulting provides your company with strategic guidance and expertise to optimize testing processes. Our consultants offer insights, best practices, and tailored solutions.

QA Consulting

TaaS offers comprehensive testing solutions without the need for an in-house testing infrastructure. We provide access to a wide range of testing services on-demand.

Testing as a Service

One-time testing provides a focused evaluation of your software or application at a specific time, ensuring it meets quality standards before launch.

One-Time Testing

Our Collaboration Approaches: Choose the One That Suits Your Business Need

ready to help

Elevate Your Software Quality, Delivering Increased Customer Satisfaction and Reduced Post-launch Issues

Receive a business proposal

After our meeting, we'll prepare a tailored business proposal outlining our proposed QA solutions, timelines, and pricing. You'll receive a comprehensive document that serves as the roadmap for our collaboration.

Sign the contract

Once you've reviewed the proposal and are satisfied with our offerings, we'll proceed to formalize our partnership by signing a contract. This agreement solidifies our commitment to delivering exceptional QA testing services tailored to your specific needs.

Complete the form on our website

Begin your collaboration journey by reaching out to us by completing the form or writing to us on LinkedIn. Provide us with basic project details, and we'll use this information to understand your unique QA needs.

Meet with our representative

Our representative will reach out to you for an initial meeting. This step lets us discuss your project in more detail, clarify any questions, and come up with helpful ideas.

byVoice Collaboration Roadmap

With an 18-year proven track record, our company has stood the test of time. Our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability has earned us the trust of numerous clients.

Test of Time

Our team has extensive experience gained on high-load projects. We've successfully resolved many challenges, making us well-equipped to tackle any testing scenario.


Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of software quality assurance services sets us apart. We adhere to rigorous testing protocols and best practices, ensuring your software reaches its full potential.

High Standards

We offer comprehensive, turn-key QA services that cover every aspect of the testing process. From QA audit, planning and execution to reporting and optimization, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs.

Turn-Key Services

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How byVoice’s team successfully built and integrated No-Code Voicebot and Chatbot platform and Increase the telecom company’s market share by 16%.

How a leading telecom company achieved 30% yearly growth in customer acquisition with byVoice’s custom solution.

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In 7 months, a company achieved 7x growth, 27% income increase, and high customer satisfaction with byVoice's omnichannel cloud contact center.

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