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Personal Account

How a Personal Account App Increased Revenue From Add-On Services by 25%

byVoice has developed a personal account application that provides the customer with various tools to configure and analyze business communication efficiency and ensure the parallel processing of hundreds of user requests.

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“This is not our first joint project with the byVoice team. The exceptional work delivered by this company has earned our trust and confidence, which is why we have once again chosen byVoice to develop the Personal Account application for our Cloud PBX. Their commitment to delivering quality, innovative solutions has proven to be a perfect match for our business needs. We are confident their expertise will continue to drive positive outcomes for our company.”

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Results Following Implementation

Increased Revenue from Additional Services:

The user-friendly visual editor and advanced analytics capabilities of the Personal Account have enabled our client to successfully upsell and cross-sell additional services. As a result, a substantial 25% increase in revenue has been generated from add-on services.

Cost Reduction through Self-Service:

The app's intuitive interface has empowered businesses to independently manage their telephony operations, leading to a significant decrease of 30% in support costs. Customers can now resolve issues and make configuration changes on their own, leveraging the self-service capabilities.

Improved Customer Retention:

The comprehensive call analytics and advanced features of the Personal Account have provided businesses with enhanced control and customization options for their telephony systems. This has improved customer satisfaction and a notable 20% increase in customer retention rates.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

The Personal Account has streamlined call processing configuration and simplified the management of voice menus and call forwarding schemes. This has led to a remarkable 40% reduction in configuration time.

Laravel 9
Zend Framework
Call tracking
Overview panel
Speech analytics
Login page

Generate and pay invoices

Select call routing plans

Manage billing

Enable additional services for upselling purposes

Collecting data on user behavior, including click patterns and engagement with internal banners

Buy & Connect numbers

Access call reports

Review call recordings

Monitor operator workload

Utilize a ticketing system for customer support communication

Personal Account Capabilities

The Personal Account, developed by the byVoice team, is a user-friendly application designed to handle a substantial traffic volume of approximately 30 requests per second. This web-based solution is tailored to meet the configuration needs of cloud services like Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Center. With the Personal Account, users can:

user flow

User Flow

Application Key Features

The application primarily focuses on business users, specifically customers of the cloud service "Cloud PBX." In addition to configuration functions, the app offers a comprehensive set of tools for analyzing business communication efficiency. Key features include:

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

Accessing various call service indicators such as average waiting time in line, average call duration, etc.

Monitoring the ratio of incoming, outgoing, and internal calls for individual employees and the entire company

The application provides a simple and user-friendly visual editor for voice menus and call forwarding. This feature enables users without specialized training to customize call flow processes and create multiple layouts for different days of the week or times of day. Other notable features include:

Setting up and analyzing call tracking

Listening to and transcribing previously recorded conversations and voice messages

Advanced number management

In addition to its existing features, the application seamlessly integrates with CRM and ERP systems, further enhancing its capabilities for businesses. This integration helps the customer sync and manage customer data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. Furthermore, the integration enables the application's call service indicators and analytics in conjunction with CRM data to gain deeper insights into customer interactions and communication efficiency.

Moreover, the CRM and ERP systems were also integrated with the contact center and PBX, providing additional business benefits. This integration enables seamless synchronization of customer data across platforms, allowing contact center agents to access relevant customer information during interactions. It also facilitates streamlined workflows, efficient call routing, and comprehensive reporting, improving customer service, increasing operational efficiency, and enabling data-driven decision-making. In this case, the Personal Account was a configuration tool for this integration.

To ensure high availability and scalability, the application leverages parallel processing to simultaneously handle hundreds of user requests. This approach guarantees a reliable and scalable user experience.


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