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Conversational AI Platform: Chatbot and Voicebot Builder

Boost your business capabilities and stand out with the byVoice tailored platform

Conversational AI Platform

Now, Extending and Enhancing Your Services is as Easy as ABC

Our Conversational AI Platform empowers companies with a no-code voice and chatbot creation solution.

Integrated seamlessly, it offers intelligent IVR, voicebots, and chatbots. Now, you don’t need to build everything from scratch; just customize designs and offer your customers new services effortlessly.

Key benefits include telephony channel support and integration with existing solutions. Designed for communication services, the platform comprises:

Virtual AI-powered PBX with IVR

Chatbot and voicebot platform

Automated voice and chat broadcasting system

No/low-code service scenario editor

Conversatioal AI Platform

Digital service providers (as a white label solution)

Expand your service offerings with automated voice, SMS, and text channels.

Expand your offering with Сloud PBX features.

Provide customizable solutions tailored to your clients' specific business needs.

Startups (as a software component)

Enhance product offerings with an AI-driven component.

Automate voice and text channels.

Access advanced features without extensive development cycles.

Integrate your technologies into a workflow created within our no-code platform.

B2B and B2C companies (as an IT product)

Provide round-the-clock customer interaction and support with Cloud AI PBX.

Reduce operational costs associated with customer support using AI automation.

Capture valuable customer insights, preferences, and pain points. 

Who Can Benefit from Our Platform

Who can benefit from our platform
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Drive Business Growth and Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Our Platform

What Goals Does Conversational AI Platform Help Achieve?

If you are a digital service provider

- Standing out among cloud PBX competitors with intelligent IVR, voice, and chatbot integration

- Exploring new ways of monetization

- Expanding market reach and stimulate business growth by targeting new customer segments

- Improving customer service quality

- Reducing expenses by automating processes

- Serving more customers without additional personnel costs

How the Platform Works

The platform is tailored to manage communications across voice and text channels. It facilitates communication services based on predefined scenarios, enabling automated initiation of numerous dialogues via phone connections, messengers, or SMS during task execution.

Key Features

AI-powered IVR

Utilize advanced artificial intelligence for interactive voice response systems.

Cloud PBX Functions

Access and leverage comprehensive cloud PBX features for communication needs.

Multilingual support

Enable communication in multiple languages for diverse users.

Omnichannel support

Provide seamless communication across various channels.

No/low-code editor

Easily create and manage scripts with minimal or no coding required.

Geo-location algorithms

Utilize advanced algorithms for location-based services and interactions.

You Can Also Add Advanced Features If Required

PBX capabilities

  • SIP сonnectivity

  • Call management

  • AI IVR functionality

  • ChatGPT integration

  • Calls routing and distribution

Chatbot platform

  • Messenger and SMS integration

  • CRM/HRM/ERP integrations

  • NLP/NLU features

  • Routing and distribution

  • Message generation

No-code editor

  • Basic variables, conditions, functions

  • Procedures, triggers, loops, geo distance, and tasks

  • Version control

  • Built-in integrations

Outbound calling and messaging

  • Сall and message generation

  • Autoresponder detection

  • Campaign results analytics

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Stand Out Among Competitors, Offering Personalized Customer Experiences and Boosting Brand Reputation

Our Customers’ Success Stories

We delivered a robust solution that seamlessly integrates a voice bot with our client's standard IVR system. It resulted in the following:

- Effortless data exchange between the IVR and external systems such as CRM/ERP without requiring the assistance of programmers.


- Efficient route calls based on customer data, providing a more personalized customer experience.


- Service automation using cutting-edge speech synthesis and recognition technologies, allowing more efficient handling of customer inquiries.

​No-Code Voice and Chatbot Solution Integration for a PBX Provider


Increase in market share


Income growth rate


Faster time to launch


Increase in customer retention rate


Our client was developing its own language model (LLM) and required phone-based user interactions for this purpose.


Leveraging our platform, they successfully utilized phone connections, speech recognition, and synthesis alongside an advanced scenario builder integrating their developed LLM language model.

Empowering Startup's Language Model with No-Code Voice Integration Solution

No-Code Voice Integration Solution


Enhanced speech tech capabilities empower client's exploration of new language model development and application avenues.

Enhancing phone interactions boost user engagement and accessibility, aiding advanced language models.

The client, a retail recruitment company, integrated our platform with their HRM system to automate candidate interactions.


Now, the robot imports candidates from the HRM system and contacts them via WhatsApp, SMS, or phone.


This bot processes voicemail responses and conducts initial interviews with interested candidates via chat or voice, recording outcomes into the HRM system.

Streamlining Candidate Engagement through HRM Integration

Streamlining Candidate Engagement through HRM Integration


Personalized interactions, improving overall candidate satisfaction.

Reduced manual workload, allowing recruiters to focus on high-value tasks and boosting productivity.

Available Deployment Options

Based on your needs, we offer multi-tenant cloud setups or on-premise deployment, ensuring compliance, privacy, and scalability.











Digital service provider








The Platform Offers the Following APIs

Public HTTP-based API

- Calls & messages generation

- Recordings and logs access

Internal HTTP-based API

- Complete set of methods to develop own no-code editor

Internal RabbitMQ-based API

- Real-time events

- Customized flow block creation

Charging Options and Extra Services











Monthly payment




One-time payment




Improved SLA




Platform customization




​Elevate Your PHP Development Experience with Our Dedicated Team

Explore Our Conversational AI Platform Possibilities and Witness Firsthand the Difference It Can Make for Your Business

Why byVoice?

why byVoice


Our platform can be embedded directly into your PBX products, enabling effortless communication and customer interaction across diverse channels.

One-size-fit-all solution

Whether you want to enhance customer service, streamline operations, or implement new services, our platform drives digital transformation.


With the Conversational AI Platform from byVoice, you can rapidly deploy AI-driven conversational experiences and deliver value to customers with agility and innovation.

Customer loyalty

Our platform helps companies offer proactive support, gather valuable insights, and build lasting relationships with their audience.

20 Years of Expertise

We are here to provide guidance, expertise, and support every step of the way, ensuring you get maximum value from your investments.


86% of our business comes from long-term engagements, repeat projects, and referrals from satisfied customers.

What Оur Clients Say

byVoice Reviews


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Project Manager, PracticeWeb

byVoice's trustworthiness and awareness of the client's needs were hallmarks of their work.


Board of Directors, TERRAKOM d.o.o.

"byVoice leverages the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver cutting-edge solutions."


CEO, Aldi Talk

"They've exhibited a clear focus on timeliness, consistent communication, adaptability, and collaborative teamwork."


Director of E-Commerce, The Tool Nut

"The team was both extremely adaptable and well-organized."


Director, Fidelity Investments

"Their communication was outstanding, and there were no unexpected costs."


Business Representative, Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council

“They took the time to obtain the inputs, which is why their outputs are flawless.”


Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development, Roche

"Their quickness and comprehension of our goals were quite remarkable."