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​No-Code Voicebot and Chatbot Platform

byVoice’s team successfully integrated a no-code voice and chatbot solution for a PBX provider and explored the diverse chatbot use cases for automation and self-service.

How the No-Code Voicebot and Chatbot Platform

Increased Telecom Company’s Market Share by 16%

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@ Engineering Project Manager

Integrating this platform into our business was our best decision. The team was very supportive and responsive throughout the entire process, and the result exceeded our expectations. 

Since implementing the no-code platform, we've seen a remarkable increase in monthly revenue and market share. The solution is user-friendly, and we've received great feedback from our clients.

Why choose our expertise?

Our team of architects and developers collaborated closely with the customer's teams to ensure seamless integration of our solution into their existing Cloud PBX environment. We provided guidance on AI technology principles and terminology chat and voicebot use case options, successfully integrating our development into the customer's product ecosystem. Due to ongoing feedback, we continue to enhance and advance the platform.

By integrating our platform, the company streamlined its focus on core tasks and eliminated the need to navigate unfamiliar technologies. This integration resulted in a 1.5-year reduction in the solution's time to launch compared to starting from scratch.

The flexible API and close collaboration with our architects and developers enabled a seamless adaptation and integration of the platform's technological core into the client's product ecosystem. It also resulted in the development of a functional and user-friendly UI for end users.

Following the implementation, the company witnessed a remarkable monthly revenue increase within two years, exceeding a more than 300% growth rate.

Within just one year of adopting the no-code platform, the company successfully expanded its market share by 16%, attracting new clients and offering more accessible and user-friendly voice and chatbot solutions.

Results Following Integration

​No-Code Voicebot and Chatbot Platform

Effortlessly exchange data between the IVR and external systems such as CRM / ERP without requiring the assistance of programmers.

Personalize greetings and efficiently route calls based on customer data, providing a more personalized customer experience.

Automate service using cutting-edge speech synthesis and recognition technologies, allowing more efficient handling of customer inquiries. The system connects an operator only when necessary, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

No-Code Voicebot and Chatbot Platform Solution

We suggested providing our client with a robust solution that seamlessly integrates a voice robot with their existing standard IVR (interactive voice response) system. With this integration, the client was able to enjoy the following benefits:

What does the platform include?

The platform is built on FreeSWITCH and supports voice calls and text channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

New monetization options

The platform allows for the automatic processing of calls and chats through pre-configured flows.

Automated processing

While the platform facilitates automated processing, it also enables human intervention when necessary.

Human interaction

Automated flows

Text-to-Speech, Speech Recognition, NLP/NLU

Delivering natural voice interactions, enabling intuitive communication, and providing context-aware responses for enhanced voice and chatbot use case experience.

ChatGPT Integration

Enhances the platform's capabilities, enabling sophisticated interactions with users.

Conditional Logic

Allows dynamic script branching based on factors like time, subscriber data, and responses, providing personalized and contextually relevant interactions.

Cloud PBX Functions

Include call, and chat forwarding, call queues, transfer, and bridging seamlessly integrated into the automation flows.

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Web control panel

No-Code Flow Visual Editor

Allows for easy creation and customization of automated communication flows through a drag-and-drop builder.

Text and Voice Channels Setup

Allows for communication with customers through various mediums.

Outbound Dialer and Messages Broadcasting Configuration

Facilitates the setup of automated campaigns to reach out to customers.

Agents and Groups Management

Enables administrators to oversee and organize staff members to effectively handle customer interactions.

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byVoice platform provides a REST API

An internal API is applicable for a web control panel full customization.

An external API for outbound dialer, access to call recordings and dialogs transcriptions.


Goals Pursued by the Company

Improved customer experience

It aimed to transform customer integrations, minimizing wait times, and boosting satisfaction with prompt and accurate responses.

Call Distribution Algorithms

The company aimed to differentiate itself from competitors in the Cloud PBX market by integrating smart IVRs, voice, and chatbots.

New monetization options

It wanted to offer value-added services, developing a no-code integration solution for seamless integration, and maximizing revenue potential.

Market expansion

The company seeked convenient communication solutions, expanding their market reach and driving business growth by tapping into new customer segments.

Are You Interested in Optimizing Your Business's Growth Potential?

Streamlining third-party services

It aimed to address client inconveniences by streamlining functionalities with in-house solutions to enhance customer experience and reduce expenses.

The existing IVR system lacked crucial functionalities such as speech synthesis and recognition, integration with CRM systems for call routing based on data, and providing self-service options without operator assistance.

Integrations with new CRM systems were only available based on the company's roadmap or through custom orders, with implementation time taking up to 6 months. The customer did not have the flexibility to implement custom integrations without the assistance of programmers.

In terms of service offerings, the company did not provide customers with automated services for text and voice channels.

Company Challenges


As a leading global Сloud PBX provider, our client offers top-notch phone services to businesses. Thanks to their wide range of customer services, they have achieved a dominant market position and established themselves as an industry leader in telecommunications.

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