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How a Public API Helped the Customer Expand Market Reach

Our team has developed and integrated a public API with the customer’s Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Center, combined with CRM systems and third-party services. It helped improve communication efficiency, automate tasks, and streamline data exchange, ultimately enhancing overall business processes and interactions.

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Integrating this platform into our business was our best decision. The team was very supportive and responsive throughout the entire process, and the result exceeded our expectations.

Since implementing the no-code platform, we've seen a remarkable increase in monthly revenue and market share. The solution is user-friendly, and we've received great feedback from our clients.

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Project Results

Expanded market reach

The client's offering of a public API, enabling integration with CRM platforms and third-party services, attracted a broader customer base. The enhanced capabilities and seamless integrations positioned the client as a leader in the telecommunications industry, leading to increased adoption and market share.

Gaining a competitive edge

The API's integration capabilities gave the company a unique selling proposition, setting them apart from competitors lacking similar features. The ability to offer out-of-the-box CRM and third-party services integrations gave the client a significant advantage, positioning them as the preferred choice for companies seeking comprehensive telephony solutions.

Revenue growth

Improved services and expanded market reach have significantly contributed to substantial revenue growth. Expanding the customer base, improved retention, and the potential for upselling integrations have positively impacted the client's financial performance.

Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention

By addressing business challenges and offering seamless integration with CRMs, the client achieved significant improvements in satisfaction. Automating tasks, streamlined call processing, and real-time data synchronization strengthened customer relationships, increasing their loyalty and retention rates.

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Solution Description

This project consisted of three main stages — API development and implementation for Cloud PBX and Call Center (CCC) and their integration with CRM systems and third-party services.

Smooth Integration With Third-Party Apps Through Public API

We have developed a versatile public API to enrich the functionality of third-party systems. By seamlessly integrating Cloud PBX, CCC, and CRM platforms through this API, users can access a wide array of telephony features, allowing them to tailor custom integrations that cater to their specific needs. This API acts as a gateway, enabling smooth and efficient communication between systems.

By utilizing our public API and existing telephony functionalities from third-party systems, companies can reduce development costs by using existing telephony features that would otherwise be incurred if they developed them from scratch.

Support for automation triggers

The API helps users automate tasks and workflows based on call outcomes. For instance, an automated follow-up action can be triggered upon call completion, streamlining processes and ensuring timely and efficient interactions.


This automation capability saves valuable time, reduces manual intervention, and boosts overall operational efficiency.

Telephony control

The API empowers users to seamlessly initiate calls, handle inbound calls, manage call routing, and implement Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems directly from third-party applications.


By utilizing our public API, companies can avoid building these functionalities from scratch, significantly reducing development time and associated costs.

Access to real-time data

Users gain access to real-time data, encompassing call facts, recordings, and history, enabling comprehensive synchronization with their CRM platforms.


This seamless integration of call data with the CRM helps stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and streamline communication processes, ultimately improving productivity and service.

Customizable integration

The API provides various customization options, guaranteeing seamless compatibility and empowering businesses to effortlessly integrate with their CRMs and third-party services.


This flexibility allows companies to tailor the integration according to their needs, ensuring a smooth and cohesive communication platform that increases productivity and collaboration across various platforms.

Seamless Data Exchange Through CRM Platform Integration

We have developed pre-built integrations with popular CRMs, streamlining data exchange between Cloud PBX and CCC and CRM platforms. It allows users to synchronize data, call routing, call facts, recordings, and history with their CRMs in real time.

Automated data synchronization

The integration guarantees automatic synchronization of call data between telephony systems and CRM platforms, eliminating the need for manual data entry and significantly reducing the likelihood of errors.


This streamlined process saves valuable time and ensures data accuracy and consistency, leading to improved efficiency and improved interactions.

Access to valuable insights

Through integrating call data with CRMs, users attain a comprehensive view of customer interactions, empowering personalized communication and enhancing overall customer experiences.


This holistic approach enables companies to better understand their customers' needs, preferences, and history, resulting in more tailored and meaningful interactions that foster long-term relationships and customer loyalty.

Efficient call processing

The integration allows agents to initiate outbound calls directly from their CRM interface, leading to increased productivity, call processing efficiency, and better call routing based on CRM data.


This seamless functionality streamlines communication workflows, reduces manual steps, and enables agents to focus more on engaging with customers, ultimately improving overall call center performance and customer satisfaction.

Task and workflow automation

The company can automate post-call tasks and workflows based on call outcomes, leading to streamlined processes and reduced manual effort.


The automation capability saves time and ensures consistency and accuracy in task execution, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and high-value activities. This enhancement in operational efficiency contributes to a more productive and efficient environment.

Company Challenges

For successful integration with CRM systems and third-party services, companies engaged in digital transformation require a reliable API. At that time, the existing software did not have one.

As a company in the telecommunications industry, our client faced stiff competition from other providers. They required a unique selling proposition, setting them apart from competitors lacking similar features.

Company's current system lacked a feature for call center agents to automatically input call details, facts, and recordings into CRMs after each call. As a result, this manual and labor-intensive process consumed valuable time, leading to an increased risk of errors and inconsistencies.

The existing infrastructure lacked automation capabilities, restricting their system's ability. For example, call routing based on CRM data and an ability to initiate outbound calls directly from CRMs and automate follow-up actions based on call outcomes.

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