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Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center

byVoice’s team implemented an omnichannel cloud contact center solution for a telecommunication company. Over the course of just seven months, the company experienced a 7x increase in clients, a 27% income increase, and a high level of customer satisfaction. Discover below the benefits and strategies that contributed to this remarkable growth!

Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center

The Success Recipe for 7x Growth in 7 Months

Solution features

Employee’s workstation

Employees need to download and install the application on their workstations to get started.

Queue Management

It ensures incoming calls are properly queued and distributed among available employees based on employee availability and workload. This helps to reduce wait times and ensures that all requests are addressed promptly.

Various Devices Options

Agents have the flexibility to choose from a range of devices, including hardware SIP phones, external softphones, or mobile phones, to make and receive calls using the cloud contact center's VoIP system.

Work Performance Assessment

It enables managers to evaluate the performance of their employees based on customer satisfaction, call resolution time, and productivity. It helps managers identify areas where employees excel or need further coaching.

Working with an Expert

With such collaboration tools, agents can effortlessly connect and collaborate with subject matter experts. It can foster knowledge sharing and enable swift and effective resolution of complex customer issues.